June 15th – City Council Meeting Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods, and Finance Committee

June 15th, 9:30am, Council Chambers, City Hall

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Seattle Short Term Rental PROPOSED Regulations

In 2009 a group of vacation rental owners including myself, Michelle Acquavella, prevailed in King County Superior court against the city of Seattle.  Judge Spector ruled that vacation rental use is a residential use and there for allowed in any residential zone.  This website was originally set up for that.  I am now bringing it back to life to help organize vacation rental owners and property managers as we face regulations from the city of Seattle.  Please follow this website to stay informed of the movement by city council to regulate short term rentals.  Today they filed the SEPA Draft of the Proposed Regulation.   You can get detailed information at this link.  City of Seattle Short Term Rental Regulations

And view the SEPA Draft here.

Please be sure to follow this page to continue to see updates as they happen and watch for calls to action to help influence the outcome of these regulations.



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Personal Home Rentals – FAQ

Personal home rentals are apartments, condos, and houses offered for rental periods ranging from as short as 3 days to months long.  View this PDF to see how they benefit communities.

Personal Home Rental Fact Sheet

Superior Court Ruling

Here is a PDF of Judge Spector’s Superior Court Ruling, issued May 5, 2009, siding in favor of personal home rental rights in Seattle.

Judge Spector’s Ruling 5.5.09

History of Personal Home Rental Dispute

Sea to Sky Rentals manages residential properties throughout the City of Seattle.  These properties are used for owner occupancy and rental, including short term rental (“Personal Home Rental”).  These properties include condominiums in the Elektra Condominiums.

In 2007, the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development (“DPD”) issued Notices of Violation (“NOVs”) to a number of property owners in the Elektra stating that the short term rental of the condominium units constituted an impermissible “lodging” (or hotel) use, not a permitted residential use.  Michelle Acquavella, owner of Sea to Sky Rentals, along with others, asked DPD to reconsider.  In February 2008, the City issued a decision upholding the NOVs.

Ms. Acquavella and others then submitted a request for a Code Interpretation to DPD, asking DPD to determine that Personal Home Rental is a residential use.  The Code Interpretation was issued on July 17, 2008.  The Code Interpretation concluded that rental of condominium units in the Elektra for less than 30 days is a lodging use. 

Ms. Acquavella appealed the Code Interpretation to the City’s Hearing Examiner.  On October 23, 2008, the Hearing Examiner issued a decision partially reversing the Code interpretation.  The Hearing Examiner concluded that the 30 day rule announced in the Code Interpretation is not supported by the City Code and cannot be used by the City.  However, the Hearing Examiner concluded that there was not enough evidence in the record to determine whether Ms. Acquavella’s short term rental is a residential use. 

Ms. Acquavella then appealed to King County Superior Court.  On May 5, 2009, Judge Spector issued a decision stating unequivocally that “rental of condominiums in the Elektra is a permitted residential use.”  The City did not appeal this decision.

DPD has recognized that, under the Superior Court decision, all Personal Home Rental in the City is residential.  Therefore, Personal Home Rental is permitted in single family homes, condominiums and apartments.

However, DPD has stated that it will ask the City Council to change the City Code to prohibit Personal Home Rental.  DPD is working on this legislation now and plans to ask the Council to adopt it this year.

June 30 Meeting: Short Term Rental Rights

Thank you for visiting our site and taking interest in the fight to protect short term rental rights in Seattle. As a Personal Home Rental owner myself, and the owner of Sea to Sky Rentals which represents properties throughout the city, I have been deeply involved in championing the rights of home owners both personally and professionally.

Although we just achieved a significant milestone through a Superior Court ruling in our favor, which upheld short term rental rights, the fight is far from over! Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development is appealing to the City Council to change the City Code and effectively ban short term rentals permanently.

We Need Your Support

Join other property owners to learn about the issue and discuss what we can do to stand up to the City and keep our short term rental rights.

June 30

6:30 – 8 p.m.

Harbor Steps Terrace Room

1200 Western Ave

Hear from community affairs specialists and legal experts, and find out what actions you can take to support the fight.


Michelle Acquavella, founder of Sea to Sky Rentals

Courtney Kaylor, Attorney at Law, McCullough Hill PS

Joe Fain, Pacific Public Affairs


To RSVP for the event, or if you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to be kept informed, please contact lupa09@seattlesvacationrentals.com.

We will continue to keep this site updated as new developments occur. In the meantime, you can find pertinent legal and background documents on this site to familiarize yourself with the issue.

Thank you again for your interest, and I look forward to meeting you on June 30!


Michelle Acquavella


Sea to Sky Rentals